You can now enjoy the incredible detox, inchloss and anti-aging benefits of the Harley Street Method of Colonic Irrigation in South Dublin. If you are seeking good gut health, the removal of bloating, years of toxic building and to increase energy and weight loss, then colonic irrigation at Dublin Vitality Centers South Dublin Clinic is the treatment for you. The South Dublin Colonic Irrigation clinic is located directly opposite the 5 Star Intercontinental Hotel at 50 Merrion Road, Ballbridge, Dublin 4. The Harley Street Method of Colonic Irrigation offers increased privacy and smaller tubes for those who would like to enjoy the benefits of colonics but who worry about comfort and privacy. Infact, the tube can even be inserted by you. Dublin Vitality Centre therapists are nurse trained and are also the only internationally certified colon hydrotherapy instructors in Ireland. This means they are trained at foundation, intermedidate and advanced level as well as the addition of instructor training.

Colonic Irrigation South Dublin 3 Day Detox Holiday Break

Dublin Vitality Centers South Dublin Colonic Irrigation Clinic is located within Premier Suites. Because the clinic is within a hotel, very often those people who are seeking a detox break or holiday choose to stay at the hotel and undergo colonic irrigation daily. During the daytime, you are recommended to take walks on Sandymount strand or to take the train to Bray for a beautiful exhilarating hike. Taking time out when undergoing a full body detox with colonic irrigation in South Dublin is not only good for your body but great for your mind too.

Weight Loss Programme South Dublin

Vitality Living Method® is an exclusive weight loss programme available at Dublin Vitality Centers South Dublin Clinic. The programme begins with Colonic Irrigation and liver coffee enema to gently and effectively remove toxins from all body system.


Vitality Living Method® Personal Training Weight loss Programme

At out exclusive Merrion Road weight loss gym, you will receive a personal weight loss training session which is scientifically developed for toning and reducing fat fast. During this session at our exclusive gym on Merrion Road, you will learn how to effectively and consistently increase your heart rate and put your body into fat burning mode daily. You can do this programme at home and you do not require any equipment or to be a member of gym to do it. This programme involves advanced scientific movements developed by Personal Trainer and Detox Expert Frances Flannery specially for those who know the combined benefits of Colonic Irrigation, Detox and Exercise.  The programme is based on the science developed by Russian doctors over 2 decades ago and is designed to "shock" muscles so that they wake up and start burning fat at exponentially increased rates.  These exercises are easy to learn and they consist of exerting maximum force in short intervals of time with the goal of turning the body into a fat incinerator. The explosive nature of the movements in the Vitality Living Method® Personal Training Weight loss Programme.offers a scientifically proven boost to the bodies ability to grow muscle and burn fat. Although Vitality Living Method® Personal Training Weight Loss Programme is easy  to learn, it is based on a form of specialized strength development that offers incredible improvements in your bodies ability to burn fat, tone up and slim down. Frances Flannery is nurse, colon hydrotherapist, personal trainer, nutritionist and skin therapist. She is the creative director of the Vitality Living Method Detox and Weightloss Programme and is the only internationally certified colonic instructor in Ireland.


If you are serious about health and detox then Vitality Living Method® Detox and Weightloss Programme is for you. Book today on 01-9018359. Because The Vitality Living Method® is the only holistic weightloss detox and exercise programme that enables you to start with a clean hydrated body, it is the absolute best option for anyone who is serious about melting fat and transforming their body now an in the future. The difference is that your weight loss programme starts with colonic irrigation at Dublin Vitality Centers South Dublin Clinic. Colonic Irrigation boosts your metabolism and reduces your appetite naturally through increased hydration which is why you are more likely to change the way you look and feel fast. And when you see results fast, you are more likely to stick to the programme which is why Vitality Living Method® Detox and Weightloss Programme is recognised as the most successful scientific weightloss and detox programme in Ireland.